Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gone Fishin'

We all know the saying that if you give a man a fish then you have fed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, then you have fed him for a lifetime. I think many people would agree with this sentiment and would be willing to help teach people how to fish. The challenges arise when this old saying fails to hold true.
Some people don't want to fish and would rather just be given the fish. If you don't give them fish then you're forcing them to starve. If you try to make them fish then you're making them slaves.
Some people, for whatever reason, suck at fishing. You can spend all of your time trying to teach them how to fish, but they will never be able to be self sufficient from fishing. Should these people be left fishless? If you just give them fish, then other people will want to be given fish as well. Instead, we need to figure out what they CAN do and have them do that in exchange for fish.
Some people would rather do something other than fish. They have the ability to fish and they may already know how to fish. But fishing is too pedestrian for them.They want to do puppetryteach medieval history, or become an artist. I'm all for artists and puppeteers, but don't whine about not having enough fish just because you'd rather do something else.

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